Because Others are Doing it

If there's one thing I'm grateful that my dad thought I and my siblings, it is not to feel pressured about doing somethings because others are doing it. A lot of people have ended up getting themselves in big trouble just because they tried forcing themselves to do some things, not because they have to or need to but simply because everyone around them is doing it.

There's nothing wrong with you following the trend and doing some stuff with other people even if you don't need to do or get that thing, as long as you can comfortably afford it and not go broke.

I called a female friend of mine yesterday whose birthday was today. I had called to wish her an early birthday and jokingly asked her if she had any plans on celebrating it. That was when she started to me stories of how she wishes to celebrate her birthday but unfortunately she was broke. She also went ahead to tell me how bad she feel about not celebrating it because every one of her friends celebrated their birthdays and she went out with them and had a lot of fun. She even said she was contemplating borrowing money from someone just so she and the girls can go out on her birthday night.

I listened patiently as she said all of this and when she was done, I tried telling her in a very calm voice that the fact that she doesn't have money to celebrate this birthday doesn't mean she won't have money to celebrate the next one. She's got a lot of birthdays ahead of her and she shouldn't let this one bring her down. Besides, when was it compulsory for one to celebrate their birthday. I cautioned her against borrowing money just so she could impress her friends to which she said she no longer will do.

Ladies and gentlemen, I just called her a few minutes ago to know how she is doing and I couldn't even hear myself over the phone. She has gone out with the girls and they are partying, hard Lol.

Photo by Antoine J.

I honestly hope she didn't borrow money just so she could lavish it but then the whole situation just makes me wonder why someone would want to do something they know they can't afford but just for the fact that everyone else is doing it.


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