Bad Luck

Photo by Pawel Janiak

I'm sure at one point in our lives we've all probably felt like we were bad luck or being chased by bad luck. For me, I get this feeling mainly when I'm in need of something that I probably can't get anywhere else except for one single place, and when I go to that place and it gets to my turn, I end up not getting what I want.

The other day, I had decided to go get some petrol because the country is currently experiencing scarcity of fuel and for me to get petrol, I need to travel a little distance just so that I can get to this one filling station that had petrol. I had gone there early in the morning, sometime around 7:30am and had queued up to get fuel. I remained in that queue for nothing less than four hours and just as it was my turn to get some fuel, the manager came and asked the fuel attendant to close and stop selling.

It was so shocking to me because I had been there for more than four hours and now that it was my turn, they want to close? I immediately started to plead with the manager and explained to him that I had been there since morning. The man eventually took pity on me and asked the attendant to sell for me and me alone.

Moments like that has always happened to me, the only difference was that I wasn't always that lucky. In most cases, I would wait only to not get what I wanted and I would return home defeated.

One time many years ago, I had gone to write my JAMB examination. It was one of those many examinations you have to write before you could get admission into the university. We had this fingerprint machine where every candidate had to place their thumb in, kind of like signing in to let them know you were present for the exam.

Everyone had all gone to place in their thumb to sign in and the moment they put in their thumb, the machine would beep and their profile, along with an image of themselves (their passport) would pop up on the computer screen right next to the lady operating the machine.

When it eventually got to my turn, I had placed my thumb in and nothing happened, the lady asked me to clean my thumb and try again and still nothing happened, then I began to feel nervous. I began to sweat and kept on cleaning my thumb to try again. It eventually worked during the fourth try and I was so relieved.

After the exam, we were required to sign out also and then I began to feel nervous again. It got to my turn and I placed my thumb in and guess what, it didn't work. It just felt like I was being chased by bad luck that day, luckily for me, the second try worked and I also passed the exam.

Moments like that always happens to me occasionally and I hate it every time it happens.