Another brother


Photo by Bogdan Cotos

One of the best things in staying in an hostel that has more than 40 rooms is because there is always a drama happening everyday. If I decide to create a private hive account dedicated to the things that happens here, then I will be posting more than three times every day because that is how often things happen here.

Luckily for me, I try to stay out of all the drama because one thing I hate is the people I see on a daily basis knowing about my personal business, it makes me uncomfortable.

Well just like the post I made yesterday, another brother and his girlfriend were involved in another cheating quarrel, but the only difference with that of yesterday’s own was that the dude in question today didn’t do what his girlfriend was accusing him of and I know this because he happens to be my closest friend here in the hostel.

The whole misunderstanding started when his ex visited him unexpectedly.

This friend of mine and his girlfriend lives in the same hostel but in different rooms and when his ex visited, his girlfriend quickly went into his room to see if anything was happening. When she stayed for a bit and noticed that they were just having casual talks, she left. Although she had no idea that the visitor was her boyfriend’s ex (he never told her because they never really talked about their past relationships) when she returned to his room, she noticed that his door was locked.

The girlfriend knocked and even called out his name but he didn’t open the door then she called him in the phone and that was when he opened. According to her, when he opened the door, he had a boner and was acting a bit strange. He even tried to walk out of the room (because his ex was in the bathroom) but his girlfriend called him back and that was when she started to question if he just cheated on her.

Dude swore he never had sex with his ex and the boner was as a result of his ex kissing him before he pushed her away but she didn’t believe him. Even after he asked the ex to leave and never return, his girlfriend still didn’t believe him. She was the kind of lady that only believes in evidence and all what she saw when he opened the door was enough evidence.

Fortunately for my friend. His girlfriend isn’t as loud as the girlfriend of the other dude yesterday and she had calmly requested for an explanation which he did honestly.

After a lot of pleading both from my friend and I, she finally decided to let the whole thing go and now I’m back in my room, thinking about what tomorrow’s drama would be about because I’m sure there will be one.