An Embarrassing Moment


At one point in our lives we’ve all had embarrassing moments. Things so embarrassing that just the thought of it sometimes makes us feel cringey. In my own case, I’m always being reminded of it whenever I see people sagging their shorts and just thinking about it now is giving me second thoughts on whether to write about it or not.

Well, here it goes.

It was during primary school and back then we had this ritual that I and my classmates do every time someone from our class isn’t feeling so well. We would all get together after school and go visit them before heading back home. It was something I enjoyed a lot but unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, I rarely got sick so my classmates never really visited until one day I decided to fake it.

I don’t remember the excuse I gave to my mom that day but she had agreed to let me stay at home and that was when I waited until a classmate of mine walked by my house then I approached him and asked him to bring up the idea of visiting me at my home with the rest of the class and it worked.

I remember sitting outside my home during school closing hours, waiting to see them coming and when I did, I had quickly ran inside to go lie down and cover myself up with my mom’s wrapper, pretending to be ill.

When they finally got to my place, it turned out they had seen me peeping and wasted no time to call me a fraud but that wasn’t the embarrassing moment because my mom had later come to the rescue by giving everyone of them soft drinks and biscuit. The embarrassment happened the next day at school.

At school the next day during break time, I and three of my classmates (a boy and two girls) were talking about the visit to my place and how everything at my home looked cool when all of a sudden they started to talk about how sexy I looked when escorting them back home that day. They said I looked cute because of the way I sagged my short and then they began asking me to do it again.

The other guy tried to sag his but the ladies immediately told him that his wasn’t as cute as mine and then continued to plead with me to sag mine but I refused.

The truth was that I wanted to do it, the hype was there and all I wanted was to sag my shorts and just to impress the ladies but you see, I had gone to school that day with no underwear so the only thing sexy beneath my school shorts was my fine ass so I continued to say no.

But ladies and gentlemen, the hype got too much that I couldn’t resist anymore , so I said to myself “How about I don’t tuck in my shirt and then sag, my shirt will cover my bare ass while the ladies get what they want”. It sounded like a nice plan so I did it.

The moment I sagged my short, I was asked to do a little walk to flex the whole thing and I agreed but just as I turned my back on the three of them to walk my walk, one of the ladies quickly pulled up my shirt.

I had a blackout for like a second and when I turned around, I could tell from the shocked expression on their faces that they were not prepared for what they just witnessed. I remember shamefully walking away that day. That was definitely one of my most embarrassing day ever.

Photo by charlesdeluvio