Photo by Rod Long

They say age is nothing but a number but the truth is that age is much more than just that. Old age doesn't necessarily mean wisdom or being wise but surely, if there's one thing that is always associated with old age, it's experience. You need to have done something multiple times in different ways for you to be fully experienced in it. And for you to do all of that, you need time.

Looking back to the young boy I was all those many years ago and the man I've now grown to become, all I can say is that some things can't be forced, we just have to give it time and then everything will fall in place by itself.

All those many years ago, I used to be that guy who was always right. I remember how I would argue with anyone who saw things differently from the way I did and how I wouldn't stop until I won. It even got so bad to the extent where I took the whole thing online, to whatsapp groups. I would fight with my friends online and then make peace with them only to fight with them again some other time.

But then I started to grow up and then all of a sudden, none of those things matters to me anymore. These days, I'm more of a peace guy and no longer care if I win an argument or not. I rarely even engage in arguments this days because now I've come to realize that there's more to life than those irrelevant things I once thought was important.

Another crazy thing is that the people around me have unknowingly noticed the matured version of me that some of them now come to me from time to time for advise on certain issues that they feel I can them help with. They might not know this but whenever I finish talking to them, I always take a moment to ask myself what I had done to them for them to think that whatever trash that comes out of my mouth is wise and should be followed.

I feel honored and for some reason I just can't help but feel like all of this had to do with me growing up and realising that I'm not a kid anymore due to my age and that I needed to change some certain things about my life. So if you ask me, age isn't just a number because when you get to a certain age, you will be forced to set some things right in your life even if you don't want to because you just know that you're at that age where you have to do this thing, so you do it.