A newborn


Hmmm, it's been a while I really thought about something that ended with a happy ending and this isn't because I have a sad life (maybe I do), I think its because its been a while I've been around people who genuinely make me feel happy.

Photo by Christian Bowen

When it comes to happiness and my happy place, my family is the first thing that comes to mind but seeing how I've been away from them for almost a year now, it's been a while I felt that way. I know they say that we should always try to find happiness within ourselves but we all have to admit that sometimes for us to be truly happy, we need to have amazing people around us who will make us feel that way.

One time I was genuinely happy along with the rest of my family was during the period when my mom was pregnant. My dad has always been that kind of father that kept things to himself and only spoke when he needed to so they had both kept the pregnancy a secret from I and my other two elder brothers. But then they couldn't keep it a secret for long because it didn't take long before her stomach started to show signs and then not just us, but everyone in the street found out.

Due to the fact that we had no idea how many months pregnant she already was, we couldn't calculate the months until one morning when we woke up to find out that both of my parents were not home. My dad had later arrived later that morning while I and my brothers sat in the living and then with a smile on his face, he announced to us that my mom had successfully given birth.

"Guess the gender of the baby" My dad had said to us and seeing how we all wanted to have a baby girl so badly (we already had three boys) everyone, except me guessed a boy. I wanted to say the same thing but decided to choose a different answer while praying in my heart that I was wrong.

The moment I mentioned "Boy", my dad looked at me, smiled and said "correct!"

I remember how for a brief second, I and my siblings felt a bit disappointed and then we realize that it was a good news irrespective of the gender before we all jumped up in joy. We had later visited my mom later that day and had seen my new born brother.

That is my beautiful story with a happy ending.