The Job



Corporal Gbenga and his colleague were both having their lunch at a local restaurant somewhere not too far from the police station when his phone vibrated in his pocket. He had thought it was his superiors calling to know why he hasn’t returned from his break but the moment he saw the name “Chief” display on his screen, he immediately got on his feet and went to a corner to answer the call.

Chief wasn’t a police chief, he was a prominent politician whom Gbenga and his colleagues do dirty works for and just as Gbenga suspected, Chief needed his services. His son was involved in a hit and run accident and Chief wanted Gbenga to help get someone to take the fall for his son’s carelessness.

“Consider it done sir”. Corporal Gbenga said immediately the chief told him how much he was willing to pay if they did a clean job.

So Gbenga had quickly told one of his colleagues about the job. Usually, he would have involved two or three more of his colleagues but this was an easy job and splitting the money three ways wasn’t an idea he liked, so Gbenga and his friend had quickly gotten to work.

The easiest way to get the perfect victim for a case like this was on the highway, so Gbenga and his colleague had immediately parked their vehicle on the highway and started illegal searches on the road. They were trying to fine the perfect victim to take the blame and it didn’t take long before they found him.

He was driving a Lexus 470 and one look at him with his dreadlocks was all Corporal needed to know that he was perfect. Him and his colleague immediately swung into action and before the driver of the Lexus knew what was happening, he was already behind bars with charges he knew nothing of. Gbenga immediately called the chief and his payment was quickly wired to him.

Everything was perfect until few days later when the news started talking about the abducted son of the chief of justice then that was when everything went sideways. The young man Gbenga and his colleague had arrested was the only son of the Chief of Justice of the federation and when Gbenga called the politician to tell him about the trouble they were in, the man had quickly denied knowing anything of what Gbenga was talking about.

“You better don’t bring me into this or I will make sure you regret it with your life”. The politician had threatened before hanging up the phone.

But Gbenga knew his threat was the least of his problems compared to what the Chief of justice son had passed through this past few days, so he did the only thing he knew he possibly could do, he set the son free before reporting his affairs with the politician to his superiors.

He thought maybe his bosses would go easy on him than the Chief of Justice would but Gbenga had thought wrong. Both him, his colleague and the politician were all brought before the Supreme Court and the judge overseeing the case was none other than the chief of justice himself.