Kevin allowed the alcohol to take hold of his whole body as he gyrated to the loud music playing from his sound system. This was the only way he knew he could handle the situation without harming anyone else.

This was how it should have been, just him, his alcohol with some loud afro beats playing from his speakers, the holy trinity. He messed up the moment he allowed something else mean so much to him, he messed up the moment he fell in love.

The text Adisa sent to him was still open in his inbox. He had dropped his phone the moment he read the text and had refused to touch it ever since. His mind and body had not come to the fact yet that him and Adisa were no more. He didn't want to believe it.

“She would walk in through that door any minute now and tell me it was a joke, a bad joke” Kevin told himself over and over again but as time went by, the realization of everything was beginning to hit him.

"Oh how he loved Adisa."

Before Adisa, Kevin was a playboy whose only true love was booze and good music. Kevin remembered how their love story started, it wasn't like the ones written in plays or novels. They had both started off at a wrong foot. Adisa was a freshman in college and Kevin was in his third year. Adisa had felt Kevin was a bully and she had not been scared to let him know what she thought about him. Her boldness had amused Kevin so much that instead of being upset, he became intrigued and fascinated by her and somehow, after multiple failed attempts, he had managed to get her to say yes to a dinner date, the rest had been history.

But it seems the saying “Ones a playboy, always a playboy” was true because Adisa had caught Kevin kissing someone some few days ago and although Kevin admitted that he once had a fling with the lady, he swore that she was all in the past.

“She was the one kissing me and not me kissing her” Kevin had tried to explain to Adisa but even he realized how stupid he sounded but that was the truth. She had come at him unawares and just before he could push her away, Adisa walked him.

But who would believe him, he was after all ones a playboy.


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