¿Utopia or Dystopia? ...a slightly different perspective about the future. (Part IV)

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I know that everyone is free to do things their own way when they want, how they want and where they want. And for the same reason, it was why I also decided to give all these posts exactly the same title except the part that identifies each one of them:

¿Utopia or Dystopia? ...bla bla blah (Part I), (Part II) & (Part III) you see?

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So, without more ado...

¿Utopia or Dystopia?

Our perception of the world is massively distorted because our perception is only based on our own experiences. Our own personal views, our own beliefs and it's based on what we were taught of what we learned.

And whatever we perceive to be true, whether it is true or whether it's complete bullshit. When we get out there, we will project that out on to the world!

These are those whose mind is constantly traveling into the past into the future and into other people's business and when that happens they're not present for themselves and the world that's being revealed to them.

Perhaps this is specifically why so many people have a slightly different perspective about the future. And although much of that future already exists and is present and materialized among us at this very moment as I will show you below right away.

Unfortunately the mindset of how to continue developing it. The why and for what to develop it even more taking advantage of it in a more collective and solidary way for the well-being of the entire human species. It doesn't seem to have changed yet.

Therefore, again...

¿Dystopia or Utopia?

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