¿Utopia or Dystopia? ...a slightly different perspective about the future. (Part III)

"A Tale of Two Worlds"

«-a simple introduction to this post-»

Well, this is now the third installment of a series of posts that I started this last Monday three days ago. And over here you can also read, watch, consume and digest the part I and part II of this serie of articles that I've written so far on the subject if you click on the color phrases.

This is just my feathery suspicion that if you click on those colored phrases and take first a good bite out of what is served there on the table, perhaps you will be better prepared to understand, catalyze and digest a little better the delicacies of critical thinking that I am going to serve you here today. So, go ahead and click first!

Then, a tale of two worlds eh? The first exploring the current trends that just may lead us all into vast new levels of decline. And the second showing what the world could be... if anyone actually gave a damn to make it happen.

As in yesterday's article. Today I also have no intentions of writing more than necessary. Just so you don't get distracted from what's really important here, not make you waste your time, nor get you too confused or overwhelmed by so much extra text that you would have to read.

After all, today is Friday and very close to the weekend. And I still have the hunch that it is precisely on the quiet and relaxed weekends that most of us have more free time available to fully immerse ourselves in a world full of deep reflection, meditation and reasoning. Those that almost always lead us to those fascinating and fleeting "eureka and aha" moments that satisfy us the most. So, ¡Happy weekend! :)

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