¿Utopia or Dystopia? ...a slightly different perspective about the future. (Part II)

None of this is genetically programmed. It is produced by the environment, your surroundings!

Well, this is the second installment of a series of posts that I started this last Monday three days ago. And one of those which I had planned that could be published daily. At least, five different posts about this subject that were gonna be delivered each day before this weekend. But as you know, not everything goes according to plan.

Therefore, this today is going to be the second in the series. And the rest will come later no matter if it is before or after the weekend. And since I suspect that this one today is going to be quite long and dense although at first glance it may not seem like it. I'm not gonna overwhelm you by writing much more text than this to read.

I would only really appreciate if you first click on all the texts in red and the images above which will lead you to links with external content to this publication and also you consume previously said content to better understand and acclimate yourself to what you are going to see and probably you will have to digest next.

So without further ado...

The crux of the matter: "Predisposition Is Not The Same As Predetermination"

And in consequence:

¡This Shit's Got To Go!

«-2:41.25 min (35 different language CC subtitles) 25.409.406 views since 26/01/2011-»

I am well aware that perhaps many of you have already seen this fantastic documentary that will wake up more than one especially in these days of pandemic. But most likely a large majority have not seen it fully yet. So whether you are one or the other, I think it's worth seeing it again. ¡Watch, Enjoy & Comment!

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