No Ticket To The Other Side

I've heard stories of people who died and they never came back. Heard stories of people who tried as much as possible to live forever. Afraid of people who tried as much as possible to sacrifice their loved ones for magical strength and the order to add a thousand yeears.
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What will most time see is in movies what we see is always in movies. No one has ever come back to say hey I leave the thousand years and I am here I Am alive among you.

It's only in books, Legends that will get to know of all these people and there is no real fact that they actually lived above their years we are now sure of that.

Let's even assume someone did someone tried as much has access to such a drug it will be very funny, a mean an immortality drug.

Instead the tickets to the other side of life is handed freely to everyone at no particular age, a child can meet his death in the end of cancer.


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