RE: Removing 50% Authors Reward. A Sportstalk Proposal Worth Knowing.


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Lastly, there shouldn't be Curation anymore for post made from non-natives Sportstalk UI, those who are posting from another UI aside from Sportstalk UI also forfeit been curated for OCD upvote, an initiative under @cryptoandcofee. Accounts like from @sportscurator and @sportstalksocial
from can or should also curate sports content made only with Sportstalk interface.

I found it little absurd.

  1. Those who are not posting from UI already giving half of rewards, Infact they are contributing in burn of tokens.

  2. How it guarantee that posting from sports interface increase the value of sports and prevent dumping.

  3. When most of sports is filled by actifit report and in this case thinking of not curating the content that can really match "OCD standards" is not logical on my eyes.

  4. Incentives should be extra those who use interface but no incentives/ 0 rewards if not using it , does not sound logical to me.

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