My first 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel!

Never give up

Building a following on YouTube is something that I consider quite hard. At least, that is what my experience is with it.

A few months ago I started a YouTube channel from scratch. No subscribers, no videos, no nothing.
I decided to choose the comedy/funny video niche, as that interests me. But getting those subscriptions in showed to be very hard. It took me over a month to get the first 10. Another month to get to 25, and a third month to get to a hundred.

It was quite demotivating at some point, but I kept posting and perseverance gets rewarded. Just as it does on Hive.

Since a few days, I have over a hundred subscribers and they keep rolling in. I hope things keep going as they are now. So maybe in a month or two I can get to a thousand subscribers. That would be awesome.

One thing I have learned, Never, ever give up!