Hive slowly creeping back up!

BTC moving sideways

The last few days Bitcoin has been moving sideways, hovering around 16500 $. But Hive has slowly made a move upwards from 32 cents to over 36 cents. That doesn’t seem much, but it is in fact over 10 % gain in a few days.


Hive is showing more and more strength lately. As the base of Hive is becoming broader and broader. With Splinterlands becoming bigger and bigger. There is the steady growth of Leofinance, which has also pumped up the price LEO lately, especially measured in Hive.
Lots of new initiatives by the community make the interaction and coherence of the community bigger. Like the World Cup 2022 competition organised by @hivebuzz, sponsored by some of the biggest on this platform.
And, this base will only get bigger and bigger, with Ragnarok coming to this platform very soon. 3Speak becoming a platform that will change the future of video content!

Back to 50 cents by New Year

This all put together and the sentiment changing on the markets, makes me expect that Hive will go back to 50 cents in the next month. It may be a blunt statement , but I truly believe in it!

The future on Hive is bright!