accepts Apple Pay from US citizens, big step once again!


Find the good news under the pile of trash

In a bear market, the news tends to be almost completely negative. And this time, that is no different. When it comes to crypto, the stockmarket, bonds, you name it. It is almost all negative. And that is actually normal, as we all know, fear sells, and fear creates clicks. So the news agencies love to make us scared, as it brings them in a ton of money. It's as simple as that!

Now, today, under the pile of rubble, I found a gem of good news., one of the biggest platforms for buying and staking Bitcoin and Altcoins, does now accept Apple Pay as a new way of payment for buying and selling crypto currencies. Which is a true game changer. Especially in the United States, as people were getting a very hard time to find ways to buy crypto. Now that is partially solved by the Apple Pay entry point. It also means that Apple sees a great opportunity and market in this. Which is in my opinion very bullish news.


Apple Pay is not my favorite way to purchase things, but hundreds of millions of people are using this way of payment. Which opens up again another big entry point to crypto for ... hundreds of millions of people.

Don't get discouraged

I also wanted to point out, that this bear market, crypto winter, crash, collapse, or whatever you might want to call it, is just a part of the cycles that make this market. It is... in fact normal for such cycles to happen. It is important not to get discouraged by this, and especially not by all the negative news that is dumped on us by all sorts of media. Look past that, they are just trying to sell their clicks, and they are doing it good, sadly.
Now is the time to stick with it, and move forward, accumulate, and look beyond the horizon. That is what matters. Not now, but where this is all heading!

Have a great weekend,



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