Sports crashes down to $ 0.00005 and can it fall further?

Greetings my dear friends of hive, in yesterday's publication I commented on sports that I would wait for the moment to buy since its trend was very predictable to the downside.

Why does sports not just take off and cost a little more without having to go down to its lowest price?


Sports needs to grow in publications, it has a lot of inflation, this chips are produced daily, too much else that affects the bot, many votes and the quality of the publications is not measured while this continues, so there will be people who take advantage of all this to cheat and earn token and then put on the market at a lower price.

Let's think for a moment who is going to want to buy a token that can be won so easily?

In all the tribe there are these types of people who only seek to generate profits for their own benefits regardless of the damage and mistrust they generate to users and as an example we have the token chary.

I think you should take all of this very seriously and help prevent this from happening.