POB, a champion falls but rises with a 34% increase

Good morning, POB friends, after having played for me, I think that the lowest that it can go seems to regain its position and its price increases rapidly that gives me something to think about, and since I met this token it seems to me genius that it could cost more that 1 hive would not be anything surprising but if it could do it, can you imagine a decentralized POB of hive?


All the tokens seek to position themselves in the market and become the preferred user but this token is one of the most solid for me despite different opinions since some say they need a better developer, others that only some have the power in the tribe but what if it is certain that it is one of the best and that you can invest in the token.

In my short experience that I had in steemit, despite not obtaining the expected results, it has been a great teaching for me, I was able to notice many things and learn to handle myself a little better here in hive where the opportunities to grow do not really wait for this Second layer there are many and POB is for me the best for investment. It tries to help the tribe to grow even more, it would be great to gain more users who trust in the token.

I do not see a better opportunity to grow than the one provided by this token since with little investment it can generate curation rewards for good content that is one of the many virtues of POB.

The number 1 of the second layer


Here you can see all the qualities of this token that can only enter circulation through the healing rewards obtained by publishing or voting with the token bet another of its virtues is that like bitcoin mining, the rewards decrease by 50% each 4 years there is no proof of mining or proof of participation and it does not issue token to a founder or team this token is not just any token so be part of the tribe.



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