Rebranding The Now And Future Through Taking Responsibility


We often say the statement or phrase "We are the leaders of tomorrow" even since we were kids and naive and we also keep saying our future is bright and we will get there. But has anyone of us actually sat down to think about when that future will come? Is it in five years from now? Ten years? Fifty years? When exactly?

I'll like to take our minds off from the fact that the future is a long way to go. Newsflash everyone. It is here, right here and now. Your future starts now no matter what age you are or claim. It is from now that we all should learn to take charge and be in control of our lives and the community and that's how we can affect the world.

Charity they say begins at home. If we want to take charge of our future, start from where you are now, I'm talking about your home, family, work, among your colleagues, in your gatherings, every where. Let people know you for who you are.

Be a leader wherever you find yourself. Be responsible enough to take responsibility of what is happening around you and stand upright and uptight. If you expect the world to just change and conform to your own ways, it might never happen because the change starts with you.

Thanks so much for reading...
I remain @oredebby