Saliba vs Arsenal


As William Saliba said he didn't wish to come back to Arsenal and play Europa league, it's better Arsenal just leave him alone with Olympic Marselle because if he go to Arsenal, his mind may not be at Arsenal and he may even flop if he is forced to play because his mind didn't play at Arsenal again. Although he still have contract with Arsenal, maybe Arsenal loaned him to Marselle because he still need more experience and obviously, he has gained the experience but since he claim to be happy in France, I think he shouldn't just be left there.

William Saliba won the young best player in France and together with his teammates, they worked and they qualified for Champions League and now, he claimed not to go back to Arsenal. I didn't blame him though, even if were the one, I would claim not to come back but the fact that he's still under Arsenal's contract should not make him utter that statement because as he did, Arsenal fans has heard him and that is where he would have problem, the fans would give him problem and even Arsenal have power to call him back and make him a bench warmer.

I think the best thing Arsenal can do is to ask Olympic Marselle if they can buy him, pay and use the money to get another defender since his mind is not there but if Arteta insist that he is still needed at Arsenal, then he should be promised that he would have playing time. But the playing time can't still be like him playing Champions League but Arsenal didn't qualify for Champions League and playing Europa league can't ever be like playing at Champions League. That is the problem that Arsenal would have in signing players now because they didn't play Champions League.