Ronaldo's reaction


Rio Ferdinand openly reveal that Christiano Ronaldo always text him whenever Gary Lineker says he prefer Lionel Messi more than C. Ronaldo. Obviously Ronaldo used to watch match and comments recap after match. But to me, it doesn't matter, it's a matter of choice

Although almost those old players that has played at Spanish football clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid always be in support of Spain players that are currently playing. Gary Lineker has played at Barcelona, so I expect him to support Lio Messi

C. Ronaldo shouldn't react to that at all, because he can't have everyone in his support, he already have the highest supporter in the world and we see the same thing in different way, he should show maturity in that. Even upon how much Lineker says this always on TV, Ronaldo still have the highest follower in instagram, more than Messi

Me like Christiano because he don't stay at a place and call himself champion, he proves himself wherever he goes, both in England, Spain, even in Italy that he is presently, he spoils records and meet records even before Messi do, thought Messi may reach the record but Ronaldo is already there before him

Ronaldo isn't born with football like Messi, Messi is born with Football, it's training and hard work makes Ronaldo great and he watch what he eats so that he would last, I think that's why he advised to drink water in the conference room the last time he packed Coca Cola drinks out of his front. Messi don't need too much training, he's already a complete footballer