Mass indoctrination day 4 via zoom. 19/05/2022


To Pray is not to tell story, or narrate a story

Prayer is demanding or asking of anything we need from our God

When Apostles need to choose another Apostle after Judas betrayed Lord Jesus Christ and committed suicide, they prayed to God and their prayer isn't said like telling story.

Just have faith that your prayers has been heard and answered by almighty God because God has already known what you want to tell him before you even pray, you need not to narrate story.

To eat food is a commandment of God, but before you eat, just pray! Before our Lord Jesus Christ eat and feed people, He prays first, good example is when He feed thousands of men and women not counted, He prayed to almighty God and then miracle happened.

Before we say what we want to God, we should always give thank to Him first.

We need to manage a line of connection between God and us always, just go down on your knees and pray to God

Pray without hiatus. Pray before you go to bed, and when you are awake, pray before you leave your cabbaneseus for work, pray to God to protect your family. Pray to God in both day and night

If you have a wicked heart ♥, God won't listen to your prayer because God don't listen to the wicked ones.

If you cheat on your spouse, most especially men, God won't listen to your prayers.

Don't yell or shout at your wife, don't raise your hand on her or beat her.

God is not an hypocrite and he can never be, God's condition is very simple, repent from your sins, let your heart be a clean one, then God would listen to you

Stop Gambling, stop womanising, stop all fleshy work and your heart would be pure.

God doesn't listen to tongue that lie

So far you don't know tomorrow, then let your Yes be Yes and let your No be No. Best thing to say is "God willing" if you are not sure of it.

If you know how to pray to God, know His doctrines, learn to make your heart clean, God would listen to your prayers. Just control your heart from Evil

Don't use the name of God in vain, don't include the name of God in jokes

What I learnt

Repeating prayer is like God didn't hear you and it's ridiculous, say your prayer just once, don't repeat it because God has already know your heart before you even say the prayer.

Have it in your mind that your prayers has been answered, have faith in your God.

Pray before you do anything, put God first and if you want God to listen to you, refrain from committing sin, do what God pleases and your prayers shall be answered.

Make your heart whole, don't speak evil of any man if you want God to listen to your prayers.

If you make promise that you can't fulfil, it's a sin, say "By the grace of God" instead of making false promise because you don't know what would happen in the next one minute, God own the time and you personally.

How the teaching impacted my life

I know that to have the blessing of God, you need a pure heart, be good to your fellow human being. So I learnt that God is not hard to listen to, he already know what we want to talk about before we even say it, so prayer should be simple, not repeating.

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5 years this has been happening to me, it started here, around people that are still here. Homeland security has done nothing at all, they are not here to protect us. Dont we pay them to stop shit like this? The NSA, CIA, FBI, Police and our Government has done nothing. Just like they did with the Havana Syndrome, nothing. Patriot Act my ass. The American government is completely incompetent. The NSA should be taken over by the military and contained Immediately for investigation. I bet we can get to the sources of V2K and RNM then.


Thanks be to God for listening on our meeting.

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While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.