Mass indoctrination day 13 held on 01/06/2022


If you did not shun those that are doing work of evil, it's risk because if you allow them and they were doing what is wrong, you are encouraging others to do the same

There are pastors that preach but they still do the work of devil and that's effects of allowing evil

In the Bible there's no where re-rebaptism is written, so you have to be careful of committing sin

There is no forgiveness if you sin against the Holy Spirit, It is a grevious sin

Curse is one of the sin of Holy Ghost

It you eat the foods from idols, you furnicate, you eat blood, they are sin

Don't kneel down for anyone, It is only God we have right to kneel down for and It is abhorrence to worship idols

You have to avoid all the things that are offered to idols because it is forbidden

If you take things from the idols, they can curupt you, it would pollute your conscience. Idols are force gods, they are not God the creator

Catholics are idol worshipers, they worship Angels, they worship Mary, which is prohibited because they are human being and creature like us. The only one we that is worthy to worship is God. Not kneeling down before Mary and Angels doesn't mean we do give them respect.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the son of God, He has already begotten Him even before the World exist. The only thing Holy Mary gave birth to is the body

True christian are prohibited from furnication

As a Christian, don't eat kosher food or halal food.

To serve God is very delicate, we should watch what we eat. We should not eat anything like Apostle peter

A true christian don't eat what is abominable. You can eat fruits like banana if you don't find good food, Muslims don't put their Mark on fish 🐟 because they cannot pray before they kill fish 🐠

Different kind of viruses, bacterial are in the blood, so blood is forbidden from eating. Instead of of you to add blood to your cookings, rather add liver.

Blood has been prohibited from eating ever since the time of Noa

Blood is scared to God, so we should not question that. Don't be like catholics that can eats anything.

Don't eat animals that dead by strangled because they are risk. Kill animal and let the blood come out, after that, cover the blood with dust. That is the commandments of God

Let's avoid furnication (worshipping idols), we can help those that are in it by giving to them If we have enough but if they invite us, we should not answer them.


The friends you walk with can corrupt you, most especially if the friend have the talent of speaking or encouraging, they can draw you close to evil and make you do evil works which is not fair.

In my believe, all sins are general, there is no small sin, sins are sin, but if you sin against the Holy Spirit, then you cannot see forgiveness.

How the study affects and make me a better person

Watch those that you take as friends and avoid all things that are related to sin.


Thanks be to God for listening on our meeting.

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