Live prayer meeting held on 24th day of May 2022


The primary doctrine is the word of God and the devil would try to take it away from your heart by adding something else to your heart.

The best thing you can do is don't listen to the wrong preaching because they would teach you what is against Christ and you may be tempted.

If you listen to the fake doctrines, you'll follow them. It's only if you don't like what they say you won't follow them. Don't even listen to them at all

If anyone come to you with wrong preaching, don't even greet them talkless of listening to them.

The choice is left to us, we have to choose either life or death, blessing or course.

If anyone come to you with wrong preaching, don't greet them talk less of allowing them to speak to you, it would help you drive devil away.

If you are able to find the doctrine, study it and continue, don't stop, those that continue in the doctrine are good Christians, they help their fellow brothers, they help their fellow men because they know that the commandments is to love your fellow brothers.


God give everyone of us a general talent, the talent of speaking, but we know how to use it more than each other, so while some people speak, you'll definitely believe them. This talent is even rampant in non believers, when they speak, you'll thought that what they say is the best but it's pure lie, so the best thing is not to listen to them at all.

Don't listen to the non believers because they would come in order to put you to temptation, don't listen to those that would preach the wrong doctrine to you because what they would say is for you to miss the good road.

Don't even greet them, and don't answer them when they greet you if you know that they are wrong preachers because if you do, they Kay use that chance to bring you in or tempt you.

The primary doctrine is the word of God, but if you notice that a preacher is preaching what is not in the Bible, or what didn't relate to the word of God, leave immediately because they would preach what is contrary to the doctrine time you.

Not listening to them doesn't mean you don't do good to them, they may repent and worship our God if we do good to them. Just don't let them temp you.


Do you know the legal name of @themarkymark ???? It is needed to contact his local police station. Any information to his whereabouts would be much appreciated.