Live prayer meeting held on 11/10/2022


Christ introduced the Bible to us as the Word of God.

Entry through the door is the legal way of entry and the door is Christ. If you enter through Christ, you have enter the rest of God because Christ is the rest. When you go in Christ, you will receive rest. All those that didn't enter through Christ lack faith

Christ is the Sabbath of God, He is the only one you can enter into because He's the way, He's the way, enter into Christ if you would enter into Sabbath. You'll know the mystery of you enter into Christ.

One process you go through in forgiveness is you don't forget it, so one way is Baptism, you would receive the forgiveness of your sin when you accept Baptism.

When we say word of God, it means Christ and the mystery is Christ, He's the treasure, the wisdom. If you enter the true process, then you'll be able to enter into his rest.

To attain eternal life, we should be changed, this body should be changed, this mortality body that cab die would be changed to immortality, this flesh and blood would not inherit the kingdom of life. You will not die and you'll have eternal life if you believe in Christ.

Don't pay evil with evil and if you are the one that want to do evil, you are not obeying but disobeying. Let us try ourselves if we are in faith


It is through Lord Jesus Christ we get to know the Holy Bible which is the book of life because everything written in it is a guide for us to live, so Lord Jesus Christ is the bringer of light.

Lord Jesus Christ is the door to Sabbath which is rest because it is only thought him we can know God and once you know God, you know, rest, you won't care about anything concerning the world, you won't even be afraid of the devil because you have known Lord Jesus Christ which is the only way to the Father.

Right inside your heart, you can be baptised, even before you are baptised with water, but it is after you are baptised that your sin can be forgiven because Baptism wash away sins and make you whole like a new child that has never committed any sin before.

The Word of God is Christ, He has been with God right from the beginning and He would always be, so when God speaks, Lord Jesus Christ speaks and when Lord Jesus speaks, it is Father that speaks and Holy Spirit is the third in Trinity.

Pay good with evil and pay good with good, if you do otherwise, then you are not a child of God because what is the commandment of Father.


Thanks be to God for listening on our meeting.

MCGI Cares (Hive) community's main mission is to share the words of God, not the Hive upvotes. If we get upvotes, please treat it as just a bonus. Do not focus mainly on material things as the bible is teaching us not to look at things seen but rather focus our eyes on things not seen.

While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.