Live prayer meeting held on 31/05/2022 Nigeria time


  • The primary doctrine is love, so if someone is preaching what is not love to you, don't accept it because it will surely be against the doctrine of Christ.

  • Follow people with peace, follow all men with peace, without love, no one can see God.

  • Never accept anything that is contrary or opposite to love.

  • You should be listening to the voice of God, not the voice of man. Although God made man god but man should return to God

  • And if you would return to God, one thing you need is Love, return to loving your fellow men if you would return to God.

  • If you put on Love, then you would be perfect in front of almighty God.

  • The servant of God should only the God commandment of his master, which is God.


God himself is Love, so it's commandments to love our fellow men, to love our fellow men means we are paying back debt or giving back to the community or people because God loves us first, He love mankind so much till extend he sent His only begotten Son (Lord Jesus Christ) to die for our sin, to pay for the offense that He didn't commit, so if we don't love our fellow men, automatically, we are in debt.

It doesn't take anything to love than just check on your fellow men, show that you care with the little you have, show love by giving them if you have enough, share the little that you have with you with your fellow men and that is all.

Loving your fellow me is part of our religion because Christianity teach us to love our fellow men and the world would be so beautiful if we try and love our fellow men, it's not easy for the wicked heart ♥ to love but the wicked heart ♥ won't like to land in hell fire 🔥 after life at the end of of life.

There is no limit to love, you can live your entire life by loving your fellow men and good things from God would always come to you.

There is no how you would serve God with your whole heart and you won't do it with Love, Love is the first thing you need, love God first and you would surely keep commandments of God since His commandment is to Love your fellow men, so if you live your whole life with love, you won't just find good things coming your way only in the earth 🌍, it's like doing business with God, you'll surely gain, it's like saving money to bank, you will surely have your money is multiple folds, when you spend your whole life in loving your fellow men, then you would still have the reward at the end of the days, you would be rewarded according to how you worked.


Thanks be to God for listening on our meeting.

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While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.