Splinterlands: Legendary Life Splinter Summoner: Did you get a Grandmaster Rathe in todays Chaos Legion Airdrop?



Every time 1 million of the 15 million Chaos Legion packs are sold from the official Splinterlands store a new Character Airdrop card is released.

The first of these cards was Doctor Blight:


If you have purchased packs from the official Splinterlands store, you have a chance of getting an Airdrop card.

Unfortunately if you bought packs packs from a secondary market like Hive Engine, (other quality secondary markets are available) those packs don't count.

Also packs that have been awarded through Splinterlands chests don't count.

To check if you have been lucky go to the Store as follows:


Click on the lilac AIRDROPS button:


To get to the following screen:


Click on the buttons underneath the characters to see if you've been lucky.

Very early this morning the ninth airdrop card was released: Grandmaster Rathe:


A Legendary Summoner with the following THREE abilities:

All Friendly Monsters have +1 Armor.

All Friendly Monsters receive the Void Armor ability at the beginning of the battle.

All Friendly Monsters receive the Amplify ability at the start of the battle.

I was very lucky this morning and was awarded 2 of these cards:


However, of the 330 packs I have bought through this account 110 were for a friend, who let me have the previous Airdrop card - Carnage Titan:


So fairs fair, one of the Grandmaster Rathe cards has been transferred to their account.

From today onwards any packs bought through the Official Splinterlands Store and opened could contain a Grandmaster Rathe.

So good luck with yours,


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@b8l - https://RisingStarGame

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