Lancashire England: Padiham on Parade - Armed Forces Day - Lest We Forget





Hello everyone,

Ever since we accompanied our Son to this event when he represented the Burnley Army Cadets we have revisited when possible.

The event spanned this weekend. Usually we would go on the Sunday when the military parade would be held comprising the Army, Navy, Airforce, Army Cadets, Navy Cadets, Air Cadets, Police Cadets, Veterans and many, many more. This year we mixed it up a bit and went on the Saturday instead.


There are street actors, dressed in military and civilian garb from the 1940's. With live entertainment and a street market in front of the Town Hall.


The two handsome gentleman in this picture graciously granted me permissions to post the picture on the internet. Sadly they wouldn't let me fly the Spitfire.


Here we have a Ukulele band in front of the Town Hall with an accompaniment of dancers in the front.


The Ukulele was made famous by another Son of Lancashire (Wigan), the legendary actor, singer-songwriter and comedian George Formby (OBE)

This portrait was hung in a Cafe in Clitheroe Lancashire which we frequented last week. I asked permission before taking the picture and it was willingly granted. I also recall being told to sit down by the Wife and other mutterings like 'you're embarrassing me!'

If you fancy your chances as a Ukulele wielding Megastar, why not try https://RisingStarGame. You could be a household name in your own imagination!



Across from the Town Hall is the Flying Dutchman Public House, resplendent with Union Jacks and the Royal British Legion flag.

Who knows in a few years Slobberchops could be rifling through this establishment for an UrbEx blog. Gladly the place is currently still open for business and served many weary travellers throughout the day.

There was also some eye candy for the PlanetAuto community:







This was a peek into the engine compartment of EEL 205.







The people taking part in the event were friendly and knowledgeable. This fine gentleman was happy to pose for a picture and told us about this war time fire engine and how they were shipped across Europe as the troops advanced. He told us on one occasion a similar vehicle was used to extinguish a fuel depot fire, enabling the fuel depot to be operational again in short order.

My family had it's fair share of contributors to the war effort:

I was told of my Uncle Walter's exploits during the war from my now late Father. My Uncle was in a tank when it was hit by an armour piercing shell. Thankfully the ordinance didn't go off after penetrating the armour and my Uncle got away with a broken little finger.

My Aunt Marian worked for the Air Corps in a map room. at the end of the war she brought home some of the models as toys for my Dad to play with.


The Royal British Legion had a stand at the event and they had someone dressed as their emblem, a huge poppy, which can be seen as a drak green head in the bottom left of this picture.

I think we should also remember the sacrifices made by other countries and their contribution to the war effort, it would have been a lot harder without them.

All in all we had a grand day out on a beautiful summers day.

The official webpage for the event is here:

@onw - Splinterlands
@b8l - https://RisingStarGame

All pictures were taken on the day by myself, any prominent people featuring in the photos were asked for their consent to publish the pictures online.


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I went to my local armed forces day as well this weekend, but we didn't have any parade or anything. Your one is much more vintage and nostalgic.


I hope you enjoyed yours as much and me and my Wife enjoyed this one.

If you are in the area next year you could attend this one and if you go on a Sunday there is more going on, with tents representing each of the Cadet corps.

You never know we might see you there.