Grand Days Out in Blackpool - '♪Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside! I do like to be beside the sea.♪'



Or if you prefer a more salubrious song:

'♪We're going down Blackpool alright? We're going down Blackpool for a pint!♪'

Although my failing memory recalls:

'♪We're going down Blackpool alright? We're going down Blackpool for a fight!♪'

Courtesy of the The Macc Lads (Fair Warning: Lyrics not suitable for children's ears!)

As a child, Blackpool was one of our yearly day trips and occasional holiday destinations.
Made all the more special by a very rare (they were simpler times) Kentucky Fried Chicken feast on the journey home in Dad's company Bedford van.
Dad drove with Mum riding shotgun and us three lads sat on a customised back seat of a bus in the back of the van.
If Dad broke hard the whole seat moved forwards and backwards when breaking. Yep it wasn't fixed down and there were no seatbelts.
There was the ever present musky smell of sawdust and shavings.
Dad was a chippy, a Joiner, a Wood Woodworker.
We weren't poor but our parents had to watch the pennies because we were most definitely not well off either.

I see Blackpool as a Tale of Two Towns.

This is highlighted by the two songs, a fun place for the family to visit and a place for Stag parties and inebriated adults staggering along the Prom, thankfully the latter is usually in the evening.

There are many family attractions:

Tourist Markets and Souvenir Shops




Blackpool Rock


It is almost customary to buy a few sticks, take them home and shove them in a cupboard, finding them 6 - 12 months later and throwing them away.

There are at least two venues in Blackpool that publicly make the rock and don't charge for the privilege of watching, in fact they will even throw in a mouthful as a free sample.

As a family we were oft dragged into a demonstration by the kids to watch the whole process from beginning to end.

Amusement Arcades

If you like the popular UK TV show 'Tipping Point' then you'll need to be dragged kicking and screaming from these establishments.




As children we were kept well away from these venues and sternly told they were a waste of money, a sentiment I have echoed to my children.

The Pleasure Beach Fun Park

If you're in to Roller Coasters then you could well spend your whole day here!

The Pleasure Beach - Hot Ice show

The show is varied each year as far as I can tell and some of the shows are shorter depending on the time of day they are scheduled, watch out for this as we went to the shorter one and after discovering this went to the full show at a later date.
Well it keeps the Wife happy.
To be fair I was pretty non plussed by this, but the pace of the skaters is rapid and it's quite up front and personal if you sit in the front row as we did, it's hard to ignore when you are in the thick of it and I left having thoroughly enjoyed the show.
The show we watched was quite erotic, involving a porcelain bath with long legs extending out of it and flicking hot water around.
Gonna shut up now, pass the bromide please!

Sandcastle -Water Park

We have been several times, there is a slide and a rapids channel, water cannons and a big bucket that fills every so often and then empties itself over an area you can stand, just for the hell of it!

The South Pier




This is a picture was taking looking South towards the South Pier with the tide out.

Fairground Stalls


These can be found on the South and Central Piers, I remember the North Pier as being a bit more up market (posh).

The Beach


This was taken whilst standing on the South Pier looking North with Blackpool Tower puncturing the skyline in the distance.


Donkey rides are still available for young children.



Blackpool Sealife Centre

I find all Sealife centres good for a visit.
Growing up Dad was a keen keeper and successful breeder of Tropical Fish, having bred Angel Fish, Sailfin Mollies, Siamese Fighting Fish and Three Spot Gourami's to name but a few.
So anything that swims was of interest to our clan.
I recall regularly watching Jacques Cousteau (inventor of Scuba Gear, environmental campaigner and educator, bringing the wonders of seas and their inhabitants to the masses) on telly, marvelling at the splendour of sea life.




Madame Tussauds - Blackpool

Blackpool Tower




There is the facility to go up the tower and we have paid to do so in the past, but as regular visitors to Blackpool (sometimes as many as three times a year) we do not go now.

Blackpool Tower - Dungeons


We haven't visited this attraction and don't find it appealing, we are getting old you see!

Blackpool Tower - Circus


Blackpool Circus has a long history of famous Clown's and their assistants, in this window display the incumbent Clown is Mooky, seen on the right and on the left is his assistant and Brother Bubu.

I remember fondly the final act where the floor of the Circus Ring opens and fills with water whilst an aerobatic display is performed.

To my surprise and delight, this is still the case today, they even have the ice cream sellers wandering the isles during the intermissions.

Blackpool Central Pier

Blackpool Comedy Carpet

This is a almost a piece of street art, with Jokes from the UK comedy greats etched into a huge pavement mural. A celebration of the British sense of humour, something synonymous with Blackpool with many of these comedians having performed in Blackpool itself.

Winter Gardens - Theatre

We watched CATS at this venue, but the available shows vary.

Blackpool North Pier

Blackpool Illuminations

For those that don't know Blackpool Promenade (the main South to North road that runs parallel with the coast) has at regular intervals lights suspended above the road celebrating many subjects, from Disney characters to LGBT with sponsored lights and even Spongebob Squarepants getting a look in.
We tend to find most people drive up the Promenade (very slowly) in their cars, however we have found that parking the car and walking the route is a far more pleasant and immersive experience, allowing more time to take in the sights and sounds, with the street vendors selling all sorts of children's toys. Most of which light up brighter than the illuminations themselves.
It's also easier to get a Mr Softee or classical icecream from any one of the mass of stores and huts along the way.

Trams and Fantasy Horse and Carriage rides along the Promenade

Imagine a Cinderella style glass and metal Coach and Horses and you won't be far wrong.

They aren't cheap, but if you're trying to impress a spouse it could be right up your street.

Hotels and Guesthouses

My perception of Blackpool is there is a place to stay almost everywhere you look, but then it's a popular destination for day trippers and holiday makers. So it would be worth booking in advance on special dates, like the The Air Show featuring the famous Red Arrows.

Places to eat

There are many many Cafe's in Blackpool and there are the well known high street chains such as:

Nandos - Chicken

We had a bad experience, we booked a table at the Blackpool Restaurant but they couldn't find us on the reservations list. They squeezed us in to a poky little corner after we expressed our disgust at being turned away. If you have ever watched a UK financial advert that tries to fit the terms and conditions into a very short space of time, then apply this to our entrée speech, introducing us to the Nando's Experience.
Our enduring recollection of Nando's is expensive cooked chicken, move on, nothing to see here.

Harry Ramsdens

Renowned Fish and Chips, expensive but tasty and worth it as a treat.


Pizza Hut

I like pizza, enough said.

These are the ones we have tried, but mostly we stick to the small Cafe's in Blackpool, but check the prices before entering.

If you have a good long term memory you might recall I said a 'Tale of Two Towns', the flipside of Blackpool is the more Adult night life.

The are a few Adult attractions:

Stag and Hen parties

Blackpool is a popular destination for Stag and Hen doo's, it is not uncommon to witness a rowdy group of inebriated (mainly Men and occasionally women) revellers wearing 'Kiss me quick' hats or plastic boobs or worse, much worse.
These can be spotted in the early evening and become more prevalent as the night progresses.

Funny Girls

A popular destination for said Stag and Hen parties, I have been myself but I found it too sedate.

Then again I was comparing it to Foo Foo Lammar's in Manchester.

I recall being called onto stage as a Best Man, alongside the Groom, we were one of two Stag Doo's in a place rammed full of Hen parties.
Both Stag's were on stage being egged on to drop our pants for the ladies, who was I to dare to say no. A then single man standing in front of a rabid horde comprising the opposite sex.
My trouser were round my ankles and I was stood resplendent in my pristine boxers.
The other Stag and his Best man were a little shy, and barley got past undoing their belts.
My Groom seized this opportunity to purloin our oppositions blow up sheep doll (purchasable from all good Stag Party venues), much to the anger of the other party and the delight of the masses of female voyeurs.
Foo Foo gracefully calmed the situation by placing her arm around my shoulders and planting a smacker right on my lips.
Leaving me completely oblivious to the smear of bright red lip stick that adorned my face for the remainder of the night. (You guessed it I was too drunk to realise, but then I did get a lot of female attention for the rest of the evening)
The crowd went Wild! as they say.
Imagine this occurring after Covid, not going to happen!
Another story for my Grandchildren's amusement (when they're old enough).

So yes, for me personally, Funny Girls had a lot to live up too and fell short


Blackpool is well equipped for a hosting a Pub crawl with many Pubs and bars.


Blackpool has a lot to offer and keeps us going back each year, so far we have been twice in 2022.

My Wife loves it and I tolerate it, but I have to admit I would miss not going. I also need the exercise a long walk down the Prom and back provides.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing remember to have fun,

@onw - Splinterlands
@b8l - https://RisingStarGame

All pictures were taken by myself.

Any mentions of companies or there products are copyright of their respective owners.

PS: If I have used the wrong tags I apologise, I'm still a noob at this blogging lark, any constructive feedback would be appreciated.


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Made all the more special by a very rare (they were simpler times) Kentucky Fried Chicken feast on the journey home in Dad's company Bedford van.

The one this side of Preston near Samlesbury Hall? It's closed down, but was the only one around in the old days.

The local chippies are not half bad, I would go there and not Harry's. I used to love Harry's but its got a bit shit lately. The main one in Yorkshire was always good but that's closed down.


The one this side of Preston near Samlesbury Hall? It's closed down, but was the only one around in the old days.

That's the one, I didn't know it had shut down, that's a real shame, lot's of memories of that place.

The local chippies are not half bad, I would go there and not Harry's. I used to love Harry's but its got a bit shit lately. The main one in Yorkshire was always good but that's closed down.

It's a quirky place Blackpool, we used to frequent 'The Mermaid' a small Café near Bonny Street Market, we went in once and it stunk of wet dog, not just a little, but the whole Café. But the food was good and cheap, all 4 of us could get a spicy stage for 20 quid with drinks all round.

When that wasn't open we would go to 'The Galleon' which was just up the road, there was no need for entertainment, the staff sorted that out for free.

Again the food was good, I had a broccoli cheese bake and it was amazing, I do feel that sometimes we aren't happy unless it's perfect, but who remembers the perfect meals, I tend to remember the drama, maybe I'm a bit weird like that, but imperfection makes life interesting.

Sadly we haven't seen either of these two eateries open since Covid, so they too could have closed down.

We've also been to a large Café near 'Saints and Sinners' (it's the massive building with blacked out windows that's a SEX shop, but don't tell anyone). Apparently the owner of the Café originates from the town I now call home, (I found that out this Saturday), the food is good there too and reasonably priced.

I have lots of memories of Blackpool, my Dad and his mate Garvey (now both passed) were going to a Cage Bird Show in Blackpool and Mum had asked them to take me. I got the impression I was a bit of a third wheel.
Garvey smoked like 60 fags a day. Sat in the back of the car it was a warm day and Garvey was making like a chimney with the windows down. A piece of ash flew off his fag and landed on my shirt, burning through it and onto my skin, it didn't leave a mark but it flippin' hurt. I exclaimed and got a right rollocking off my Dad and told to sit still and keep quiet.
Garvey was BIG in the Canary community and had won the UK National (like Crufts but for birds) with one of his Canaries, they sold for £400 each, so he was a bit of a celebrity in the Cage Bird community.

Ah, '♫those were the days my friend, I thought they'd never end♫'


You have a long memory, it's a place I don't visit anymore. Great for kids, not so much for us now.


I am not sure I had been to Blackpool before our visit last year. We really just went for the Pleasure Beach and had a good day, despite some rain. We had a walk along the front afterwards and it was looking a bit run down. Found a chip shop that was nothing special. We did drive further up past the tower just for a look, but I'm not that bothered about most of the attractions. I do enjoy a Sea Life though. Our family has a tradition of playing the coin push machines, but we'll only spend a couple of quid between us. The British seaside experience is an odd thing. People don't find it so exciting when they can jet off to exotic places. The resorts may welcome the stag/hen parties to get some trade, but otherwise I'd expect it's a lot of old folk or families with young kids.

Maybe add a #blackpool tag. Some of them should relate to the content and not all be for tokens. Those tend not to be worth much anyway.



We tend to go for a walk, my Wife likes to visit the shops and browse around.

We have a yearly ritual of 'going to see the lights', but then don't look at them as we walk to promenade.

We rarely bother with the beach too, but it's nice to get out and have some fresh air and it don't get much fresher than on the coast.

Thanks for the advice on the tags, didn't know there was a Blackpool one :), I'm still learning.


Resorts like this are designed to separate you from your money. Obviously we paid a bit for the rides, but it was good. I'm not one for sitting on a beach and we do like exploring places.

You can use anything as a tag, but I think it's good to have some that people might actually look for. I can see there are quite a few Blackpool posts. I thought I posted about when I was there, but I don't see it.



We spent a day there once back in 2018. It looks just as FREEZING cold in your pictures as I remember.


Bah! ya land lubber, get yourself some sea faring legs and a sturdy coat! lol

You are right of course it is on the coast and can be windy sometimes, there are times when it can be quite balmy too though. You must have caught them on a bad day.


If raining sideways inside the bus stop is a bad day, we nailed it!


Ah yes, but you'll never forget going, thank you for that I actually was laughing out loud.


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