Almost Struck by a Lightening!


Trying to capture my fear after I almost got hit by a lightning is hard. This picture didn't even come close to my chicken or petrified state when the lightning spark flashed right in front of me in my kitchen earlier this morning.

I made a Dpoll about how being Struck by a Lightening/thunderbolt some weeks back looks like and if anyone would want to know about it. Little did I know that sometime soon I'll be standing on the path of a lightning today.

For a while I have struggled to use my Hive account for blogging, though I manage to curate more than actual publishing. And one of my reasons is Writers Block.

Today, I have something scary and a bit terrifying to talk about in this blog. Luckily I'm unhurt, hence I can be able to describe what actually happened to the very last detail.

The day started with a not so heavy rainfall since around 6am in my city. Of course I was just settling down into my deep sleep mode when it began.

I have switched from normal sleeper to a night walker because of NFTs hunting. So my sleep pattern had been reconfigured to around 3 to 4am then I sleep till around 9am or 10am to being another day of digital hustling.

Rumbling of thunder and the slight shower with the splatter on the concrete floor of my compound roused me up from my deep sleep and eventually woke me up fully. I brushed my teeth and went into the kitchen to make coffee with my phone glued to my hands as I browse through crypto happenings between my sleep time and wake up time. Also, I check for cheap NFTs I can buy and then bookmark them from Opensea till I can buy when Eth gas fees are cheaper.


That was the sound followed by a flashing light, I was holding-pressing my phone in one hand while I was stirring my coffee in the other with the chest freezer as the table.

Fear gripped me, I dropped my phone and then had this shocking feelings in my legs. I was bare footed, I walk bearfoot mostly in my apartment so the shock, like an electric shock was pronounced in my now sweaty legs.

I swear lot, and when I'm freaked out or angry or overjoyed it triples, same thing happened today after the lightning scare. It took me hours to get over it a bit and write about it.

Strangely I still feel my legs shaking and trembling till now, but it has subsided to a minimum degree compared to about 2 hours plus ago. I'm thankful I didn't get fried by a thunderbolt today fam!