You First: A freewrite


Why do we have to do things most of the time to please others and displease ourselves. My own contrary thought is that every individual is the first contact of love before any other, as a matter of fact you can't love others of you avnt love yourself. Tochi has being living her life trying to tune to the precepts of people around her although most of the times she doesn't feel happy about it but out of compulsion most times she does it. That was how she was living until she became the shadow of herself , all about her was been controlled by others with no chance to do what makes her happy. She lived this way until she left her parents and the entire neighborhood to a new locality where she was totally free to do what pleases her.

Although while she was with her parent she could anything she wanted to do but the truth is that she fear what people around her will say. She doesn't want to castigated and also secluded from some of the religious sect she belongs to so she has to comply by force against her wish. Immediately she got to her new station she realized the emptiness of her life because she has not she can point to that is giving her joy. She has loved to become a fashion model but was been talk against by her people. So as not to die of boredom because her work gives her enough time and most of the times she works from home she decided to join a gaming and gym class. As soon as she joined this group she starts to notice her potential for public speaking, her coach took notice of her and also noticed her fear of what people will say about her, what she does and the likes.

The coach took interest in her so as to help her build her stand and personality although it took him a whole lot but he succeeded in building her personality. In one of the sessions with her the Coach told her that her life is a wildlife full of different devouring animals. When she left her work place for her home town everyone was seeing a new Touchi beautiful, brave and bold with the highest level of humility. Everything about her has change and unlike before she couldn't be talk down on again, the people backbiting attitude no longer affect her again and she became the best version of herself.
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