I'm Not Giving Up, Never : A Freewrite.

Yes, I have definitely experienced giving up on something that I once cherished. It can be difficult to keep pushing on when we face challenges or setbacks, especially when it feels like we are not making progress.

There are many reasons why we might give up on something that we once valued. Sometimes, we might become too busy or overwhelmed with other responsibilities, and we don't have the time or energy to devote to it. Other times, we might face obstacles or setbacks that seem insurmountable, and we lose the motivation to keep going.

Ultimately, the decision to give up on something is a personal one, and it's important to be honest with ourselves about our motivations and our goals.

But I do believe that there is value in perseverance and in continuing to push forward, even when things get tough. It can be incredibly rewarding to achieve a goal or accomplish something that we once thought was out of reach, and it can help us to develop resilience and determination. So, while it's okay to take a break or to reassess our goals if we need to, I think it's important to keep pushing on rather than giving up altogether.

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