Leicester City On Cruise.

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Leicester City hits West Brom for 3 and kept them in the relegation zone by doing that. The race is heating up and West Brom needed a win as much as Leicester City too who wouldn't want others breaking down their neck to overtake them in the Champions League spot. They performed exceptionally well on the day and made it another bad day for the West Brom faithful. The battle of 3rd place vs the second bottom in the league.

Leicester City showed their class in the 23rd minute when Castagne who was at the heart of it race through on goal before releasing Jamie Vardy. Hardy wasted no time after he gathered the ball to score beautifully to give his side the lead. It was a beautiful goal, no doubt.

West Brom hadn't recovered from the earlier set back before Johnny Evans compounded their woes 3 minutes after. Tielemans delivered a cross into the box from the corner kick, Iheanacho had a flick and the ball managed to come through for Evans, who powered a header into the back of the net against his former club to make it 2-0 against them.

Castagne should have added a goal to his initial assist to make it 3-0 for Leicester City but the framework denied him after he has beaten the goalkeeper but he was unable to beat the post. It would have turned into a demolition job. He raced towards the ball and positioned himself well. He was unable to get the angle right, hence why he struck the post.

Vardy and Iheanacho's partnership continued to blossom as Vardy brilliantly raced towards the ball, beat his marker and moved into the box. He found Iheanacho inside the box and with composure, he controlled the ball before hitting his effort into the back of the net to register his 9th goal of the league season, after beating the 8 goals he scored last season. Now, he has scored 16 goals in all competitions for Leicester City. He is indeed the man in form at the moment. Impressive positioning and awareness for the goal which is expected of a striker. That was the 3rd goal of the game in the 36th minute; 3-0 against West Brom and the game looked way beyond them already.

Iheanacho tried his effort again on a freekick that was given at the edge of the box. He was able to strike his effort on target but it didn't trouble the goalkeeper that much as he pushed it away to safety.

The game ended 3-0 and West Brom has it all to do if they ever want to beat the drop this season after seeing Sheffield United relegated despite few more games to go in the Premier League.

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