It Always Comes Back.

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The good we do for others would always come back. It might not come from those we did those good things for and sometimes it might come from them. The bottom line is, that we should never stop doing good. It has a ripple effect where it goes round.

This video came to mind even though I can't accurately remember how it went but each person that got helped by another person went on to help another. If you got helped by someone, you also help another person that comes to you and that person would also help another person and that's how we keep dispersing our goodness.

I shared the story of my experience on the Blockchain few days ago. It was someone who brought me into the knowledge of it and that was after I helped him in a way. How? I made a post on Facebook, titled "What Motivates You?". He saw it and he told me how much he loved that article. He said he would like to use it on his blog with my permission and I told him to go ahead. He made the post, sent me the link and the post yielded so well for him back then. He was so happy and grateful.

We met in church the following Sunday and that was how he told me to join Steemit so I can be making that post. He tutored me, helped me and linked me to those who can help me understand how things work there and I am still in touch with most of them to date. That was how I started gaining foot and I came across the amazing people I mentioned in the post few days ago.

The funny thing is, he introduced me there but due to the nature of his job, he couldn't keep up with much and I started gaining much ground. After I got the laptop from my two friends as I shared a few days ago, I think it was months later he reached out to me that his wife would be needing surgery due to the nature of her pregnancy. He said he would appreciate it if I can do a fundraiser for him so I can give him any amount from it.

I made the fundraising post on the day @kpine; another big shot usually upvotes me because I won a challenge created by him and he promised to support my posts for a week...even though he did it for over a month. He was impressive. That fundraiser post for my friend yielded so much and I didn't take any amount from it, I gave him everything. I even calculated the one that came to me as Power and gave him the equivalent of it. I did exactly how Jordan and Maddie helped me by giving me everything. He was so happy and the wife delivered safely too.

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Imagine if he hadn't helped me into the Blockchain, maybe...just maybe he wouldn't have gotten that timely help from me because we got closer after he introduced me to Steemit. This is what I always say about kindness; pay it forward. You don't have to expect it from the person you did it for and as I said, it can also come out from the person you helped. Anyhow life decides to spin it, just show that kindness because it always comes back.

There is this adage in my language that says, "You threw a stone to the market and quickly covered yourself with the mortal. If humans can't see you, do you think God isn't seeing you?" Another one like it is this: "If you throw a stone at the market with the intention of hitting a stranger, you might be shocked that it would hit someone you know." This means we have to always do things with caution.

It's the same way we do good and it comes back, the same goes for doing bad things against others. You might think you are doing a disservice to someone but in the end, you are the one to suffer for it. Imagine someone who failed to help another person secure a job and intentionally sabotaged that person rather than help the person. He might need something in the future that only that person would have helped him with, had he supported that person.

The good things we do for others would always come back to us like a boomerang, the same as the evil things we do against others. We might not understand the gravity of both instances right now but we would understand when life's situation calls for it.

We need to act with the future in mind. If you want to be kind, think about the future and the seed it would sow for you in the future. You might not even be the one to reap it, it might be someone you know. It doesn't mean we should help people with the hope of getting something in return, it only means whatever your hands find to do, just to help another person to stand, please do.

When we try to act wickedly against others too, we need to think of the future because it might be on us it would fall. If everyone can actually think with the future in mind, there are some choices they would make better and some evil they would avoid perpetuating. Life is very simple but humans always find a way to make it more complicated.

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