Basing From Mark 16:15, What Is The Impact of Not Spreading The Gospel? [Part 2 of 4].

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This is the teaching of Bro. Eli Soriano of blessed memory and these words I share are the things I learnt from his teaching on the above-mentioned topic.

There are many ways in which we can spread the gospel these days. We would be limited if we choose to be doing one-one because we can't reach as many people as we should but with the help of the internet, a single broadcast can reach thousands or millions of souls. The message stays there and it can also be revisited without having to speak as much again.

We preach the gospel because we believe in God and we believe in His works. That's the motivation for preaching and wanting others to be part of the circle of God. God wants all men to come to Him and we are ambassadors of Jesus Christ and we are to lead people to God through the name of Jesus. Not doing this would make men perish and God doesn't want that.

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