One night before the festival, Ikori had sneaked out to meet her lover, Ishabor. Two of them had waited since childhood to finally be together as husband and wife. One day yet seemed to them like a very long time and Ishabor couldn't wait to have the honor of sharing the princess's royal bed and have a chamber in the magnificent palace of the ntol.
"All those can wait for tomorrow", he thought to himself when he saw her approach in the dead of night.
"akorum" meaning "my love" in the tribal language, she called as she ran into his embrace.
"I've been waiting forever" he replied.
"I'm sorry my love, the palace guards seems over serious today". They both laughed briefly.
Ishabor took a deep steady stare into her eyes as he moved his hands on her shoulders, down to her thighs and finally resting on her loin tied around her waist in an attempt to loosen it.
"my love" she said as she stepped a little bit away from him. It's in just few hours and I'm all yours" she continued. "you've waited all these years" just a little more, my love"

"I'm sorry Ikori" he started, i just can't help being obsessed with ecstasy whenever you're here, you excited me in every way.
"you say the sweetest things, ishabor" she said shyly.
It's so nice to always see you my love.
The two of them stared into each other's eyes for few minutes until they were interrupted by a strange man.
"Love, oh! Love, i wish i was a young man again. But what good would it be? If by the time I'm get to the peak of enjoying it, it'll be taken away from me?"
He said passing along a lonely road beside the tree where Ikori and Ishabor leaned on. They both looked at him marveling what an old man would be doing out there by that time.
They soon continued with their beautiful moment.
"I have to be on my way, my love" I'm sure they've noticed that I'm not in my chamber.
See you tomorrow my love"
She said as they hugged and she ran back.

"...but what good would it be if at the point where my joy is fullest, it's taken away from me"
Ishhabor woke up sharply with the old man's words from the previous night early on the morning of his marriage. It seemed to him like a dream yet sounds so real like a prophecy.
With no prior attention to it, he stump out of his hut with abrupt reluctance.
"why am i not excited?" he thought to himself.
People soon started gathering at the ntol's palace, which was the traditional venue for the festival.
Cabinet chiefs dressed in their ceremonial regalia and the ntol with his magnificent Royal Crown sitting on him as he walked into the gathering.
Cheers from his subjects filled the air with local music sounding all over.

The ntol made his speech and soon declared the event open. Soon it was Ishabor and Ikori's turn for the king's blessings, which was the last.
Cheering reopened as Ikori rolled her perfect curvy body in the company of her royal maidens adorned in beads and Ankara with all matching colors, out of her chamber into the crowd. Ishabor stood smiling with fantasy as she walked to his arms then to her father.
About 30 new couples were wedded that day, and as the floor was open for their dance, an arrow from a nearby tree was fired right through the skull of the first man who took the floor.
Everywhere turned into tumolt and before long, everyone was surrounded. some, who tried to escape got shot by the Zaharan archers.
"Who are you and what do you want with us"

The ntol tried to speak, but his throat was slit by one of the warriors
Ikori tried to free herself and run to her father, but a warrior hit her face and when Ishabor spoke, his throat was slit too.
Angry and broken, Ikori just lay down crying.
"We've heard of you mediocrity from the mountains and it irritates me that you all have so great gifts and skills yet no ambitions, it has pleased the mighty King Zaka that your petty lives be put to good use in our lands. Henceforth you are our prisoners!" Zola raged.

At this point, everyone who was there, both men, women and children were on their knees.
"Oh! I'll be needing just the maidens" he concluded as he turned to leave, Especially this one, he pointed to Ikori.
At the sound of that, everyone present was slain and every girl was taken to the other community.