BTC turning people's 500k to 60k. (magic indeed haha..) btc drops below $40.000


Hello guy’s good morning to y’all, how is business, work and everything? Hope you all are excelling in all ramifications of life. Please do stay strong and remember. Hope you are aware of the sudden fall of bitcoin? Well in case you don’t know that is what it is. This is one of the things that made me fear anything called crypto. But since am a man I have to man up and try it out some months ago.

But because of the recent regulations by the central bank of Nigeria I sold mind all out, I was about going into it again when the price fall so deep down. This alone has cause so many trouble in my country, a friend was seriously lamenting that he bought BTC worth 200k but now what is he is seeing in his wallet is just 50k. Truly trading on bitcoin or crypto at large can be very dangerous only the ones with mind could do it. Because they will surely come a time were 500k will turn to 40k and you can do nothing just watch and be strong.


But even I need answers to so many questions going through my mind, why is the bitcoin down? When it pumps how does it happen? Who are the master minders behind its raise and fall? Who owns bitcoin? I knew this are a lot silly questions but I can’t help it. It always kept ringing in my head. I heard some saying the reason BTC is down is because Ellon Musk has withdrawn all the money he use to buy bitcoin, how true can this be?

And as bitcoin is down now being the leading coin could it be that others will follow suit? Please I need to know so I will start selling off all the doge coin I have I can’t sit and watch my 70k doge going down to 10k lol. what is going on now is really terrible its also advised for one not to depend only on crypto, while trading crypto you should have one or two other means of income. you need to see the countenance of some close friends of mine, very bad. in fact they were literally angry with every one even up till this moment. please am pleading on those responsible for the pump in BTC to go back and do something about it i want my guys back.


Success belongs to those who wake up every morning and pursue their dreams regardless of the hardships.

Success is for those who have made up their minds not to give up, not to give in and not to 'throw in the towel'.

It is for those who have said "It is not going to be over until I win". Success is for those who don't suffer from "what will people say syndrome".

Success is for you! Never underestimate the ability and the potentials that has been invested in you. You've got Greatness within you and you deserve to be successful. never mind the raise and fall of crypto we just got to move on.

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