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My name is Muhammad Muneeb Asif khan . My father name is Muhammad Asif Khan
My age is 20 year old
I belong to niazi and khan family
I M from Punjab pakistan - my city name is MIANWALI
My education is BSC
i like playing cricket and running

study life


I am doing BSc and these pictures are from my college and here I am studying and here we have been studying for almost a long time and I hope you will like my college very much.

In this picture you can see that we have a lot of class fellows and we have a principal and a teacher in the middle and there is a lot of gathering and we took this selfie.

J of it and there is also an antenna on top of it. That network coverage gives you and you can see that there is a lot of water collecting bracelet in front of our house and it comes due to rain as well as you can see that there is a shop which is ours on the road And you can see that this picture that I am showing you that I took some time ago and these are the pictures of spring and we have the road now paved. Inshallah we will share it with you in the next post


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