Humanity's crisis did not begin in this era nor the one before. It began in caves with cracked walls curtained by woven reeds. A time when the ancients looked at the heavens and were hit by sheer incomprehensibility of such vast labyrinthine, sort a way to sharpen their crude intelligence. To expel the demon of cluelessness from among it's tribe. A crucial first attempt at an immortality project

Humanity's problems germinated from the Fruit that fell from the proverbial tree of life. Its core; the terror of inexistence, of being erased from the surface of everything that had yet to explore and understand. The myths behind deaths gloomy house in which no one desired to dine.

Humanity's crisis germinated from the seed of entitlement, Sprouting into the leaf that casted it's silhouette on the strength of it's species, the maternal life line. Subjecting it to mental malnourishment and defining it's purpose by it's physical characteristics. And as the tree grew it branched into self absorption and the aching need to be exalted above another. Carefully Passing on through it's bloodline traits of deformed values, cultures and practices. Every generation bearing the sacred rights to fine-tune them to meet the pace of life's school.

Humanity's crisis began from the first bite of the divine fruit. It's nutrients bearing the gift of wisdom and the ability to see one's self in the abstract. A confrontation of one's own mortality. A blessing that sailed us through the stormy seas of evolutionary and technological advancement. Skyrocketing our egos beyond the stratosphere of what we perceive be great intelligence. To our highest highs, the edge of our known world. The very ship that is slowly but surely sinking, Cargo and crew aboard to our inevitable demise.