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They say the Ocean is a Soup Vegetables salt and all those non vegetarian lovelies swimming around in eternal Bliss.
Yet I found that I fell into something of that sort.
Once or maybe one to many times. And the soup became vile, as vinegar and tears Maybe one atop another. There was still a root.. of memories and laughter and

This one was called Love It wasn't boiling and murky

Although sometimes a lovers touch is big enough spoon to stir your Hormones.
This one was clear and calm..

Like falling in a cold stream on a hot summer day And then came the boiling...
Burnt skins and a great many charred hearts And then as all oceans and some improperly cooked soups do.

There was a Great divide A tear in this divine garment. And as the the mourning songs drew into little sobs.

A great realization! Alas the soup is not a spoil For though it had gone separate paths and left a little touch of tears.

And maybe they'll never be a confluence Each soup will remain unique.And As all hearts and soup ingredients regularly do Will someday fall into another Ocean

New beginnings and lots of stirring shall ensue I pray your new recipe results a Culinary Masterpiece.