twilight behind the grass and words of wisdom

Even twilight did not agree that I was with him, the proof was that he came but disappeared in such a short time.

For those of you who are far away there can be greetings from Twilight when you sit together while enjoying the beauty of dusk.

That twilight...
I smile cheerfully
Towards a flower.
Those who are humming happily
On the presence of a beetle
Which offers intimacy..
There I saw
Happiness, truth and love.
Sew a bunch of promises.
To build beauty.
Nature joins in
Promise to nurture
And preserve them.
Inside pampering.
The path of destiny of the Creator..



I left a message in the silence of the twilight.
The sky above your hair
Bright copper red.
Bringing the sparkle of the sea water.
Refract the hue on your face.
I know you're standing there.
Staring at the sunset.
To read a message thread.
What I put.

You don't have to be my sunshine.
There for me every day.
And always share the light
Enough for you to be my twilight.
Visiting me every day even for a moment.
But always carry.
Beautiful and peaceful
What I ordered...

I stand in a daze.
With your story.
About our love
Linked to the crumbs of the twilight hue.
Who began to refuse to sparkle.
Because of the veil of the night
Go down ahead.
When you are in doubt.
Start whispering in my heart.
About your heart
Who started to turn away.
My sincere love.
Can't stop.

Detail photo "

Handphone: vivo y30
Main camera Triple camera 13MP f/2.2 (wide); 2MP f/2.2 (bokeh); 2MP f/2.4 (macro)


Editing: snapseet

Location : aceh, Indonesia

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