sunset photographer

When I look at the sunset...
I'm crying There's a feeling that's missing there...I know're gone and far away from me Twilight I want to stay in my arms Come back for me Don't go because I'm still waiting.

In the quiet summer twilight; it will be easier to answer this question.

Have we ever thought about twilight and its philosophers. This means that twilight is not just about orange at the end of the afternoon. Or just a space at night. Or the setting sun, on the beach. Or what about the twilight and its beauty!.

Twilight is a time shift cycle, between afternoon and evening. It is, as a final settlement, morning and afternoon. As a time of light. There are times of darkness and night.

Have we ever thought that Twilight is us. Twilight is a sign. Twilight is a reflection. Twilight is an interpretation of the essence of life.

Likewise, we will end up like twilight. It's just how we walk through life, as twilight; which is always awaited at the end of the turn of time.