evening spirit welcomes the arrival of twilight

The clear point of rain closes the day at the end of the evening, as if not willing to let go of the day
The moon has flashed stalking the longing day
Twilight is not always beautiful, even without a promise, but twilight will definitely come back tomorrow
Like longing and the feeling of wanting to meet real with you..
As real as this serene twilight, in the warm embrace of the twilight.

A day passes, greeted by dusk waiting for the night
Days are not always happy, but remembering you always creates a spirit of soul..
In longing, let the breath of prayer carry your day into the embrace of the night.
This twilight, I hope your cheerful smile will still close the tiring day for every lover of your heart.

Late afternoon
You are beautiful, you are full of charm
But I don't want to be like you
Because you are only present in the afternoon
I want to be like the wind,
The one who is loyal when he can always accompany him.

Like twilight
Must come give beauty
No matter how hard the twilight struggles to dispel the black clouds that try to cover it
Covering the beauty of its orange charm,,,,