dusk is almost sinking and will be replaced by night

hello friends hive all how are you today I hope you are fine today. after a few days I didn't post about the sunset, finally I had the opportunity to make a post about the sunset, I hope you like my post,

a few words from me today about this beautiful sunset, I hope you like the words.

Late afternoon
I don't know how many times we met
You always greet my Rama at the end of the day
I like the way you gently greet with the wind.
I love the way you bring silence.
I like the way you bring me to a calm.
I love the way you captivate yourself.
Who knows.
It's a shame you only came for a moment.

Each return, twilight has a different shape. It's like, everyone who left could come back, but not like before.

For the wounds that are erased by the twilight, for the sorrows that are increasingly rampant, rest assured that the heart will be steel, a soft whisper with a spoiled smile.

Detail photo

Handphone: Vivo y30

Camera:Main camera Triple camera 13MP f/2.2 (wide); 2MP f/2.2 (bokeh); 2MP f/2.4 (macro)

Photography: @mudi96

Editing: snapseet

Location: aceh, Indonesia