#RelistXRP - New Campaign and Rise Again


After another meeting between SEC and Ripple, the local cryptocurrency area was satisfied with the way the meeting ended.

The judge asked for clarification as to whether everyone selling XRP was ignoring protection laws, the SEC attorney replied:


Ripple and her aides could illegally sell XRP.

This means that the phases of cryptocurrency exchanges, for example, "Binance", "Bitstamp" and "Coinbase" that have deleted XRP or left the US exchange were not ignoring protection laws and would not be in the case of choosing to exchange XRP, the attorney explained.

He's unrelated to the position yet has been following with interest the SEC's claim against Ripple Inc. And he constantly breaks them down.

Hogan explained that many of the cryptocurrency exchanges were not ignoring protection laws and were not focused under the requirements of the law if XRP remained registered on its basis.

This sparked a few XRP enthusiasts and financial backers to register an application to republish XRP.

After the meeting, which was accused of being a victory for Ripple, several XRP advocates went to Twitter to request that exchange stages access XRP crypto money.

In the US, the reposted Ripple trademark is starting to appear on Twitter under the banner "RelistXRP".

The "XRP Army" behind the cryptocurrency gives the impression of being powerful, with one tweet announcing that "#RelistXRP" has generated 25,000 tweets at any rate.

The positive sentiment that includes XRP has also added to the increase in the value of digital money.

Currently, cash has breached the $ 0.50 level and expanded 10% in recent hours.

At CoinMarketCap, XRP is trading at $ 0.57 per hour of authorship.

Will the XRP holders try to once again mediate the situation?

The craving for XRP digital money owners remained strong, despite the SEC's claim.

According to the CEO of Ripple, the claim brought by the SEC is an attack on the entire cryptocurrency industry.

Many of XRP's financial backers seem to share their feelings, as they recently documented a legal claim to participate in the position as litigants and as aliens to the position.

More than 6000 XRP holders cooperated and submitted a guided move by the legal counsel to mediate, and the petition was submitted to a judge.

The petition was rejected.

It's anything but an absolute rejection, which means XRP's financial backers can rework the proposal later, which was confirmed by attorney, Deaton.


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