Overcome failure




Failure doesn't mean one is invalid or will not be able to do a particular thing. Failure makes one strive for more,work hard, be focused and consistent.

Sometimes when we fail, were challenged to do more. It's the second half of the year and amongst all the things you wrote down, have you been able to achieve them?

Have you checked your long term plans and short term plans? Remember that time waits for no one, whatever you wanna do start now if you haven't, it's not late.

Failure is part of man, there is absolutely no one that has not failed before. Businesses, friends, families, society brothers and sisters fails. No man has never encountered failure.

Failure is inevitable, it has come to stay and live with man. So we can fail anytime no matter how we draw our maps well, calculate anything and do well.

We should not condemn anyone when he or she fails because it is part of life. Anytime we encounter failure, it shouldn't bring us down, it isn't the end of the road.

Failure leads to success, it brings lessons and also helps us redirect our steps. When you fail, determine to press on you will have success.

How do you handle failure? Do you look down on yourself? Do you get tired? Do stop and feel like giving up? No it shouldn't be that way, press on and keep striving.

Another thing we should consider and take note is that if you actually do not want to fail, you have to do away with sin, examine yourself, re - examine yourself, life and activities.

Ponder and think about your life and yourself, if there's anywhere you are not doing well, address it and try to make amends.

And in everything you face and pass through, hold on to your faith and you will reach your destination in Jesus name amen.

Thank you