I'm really sad


I honestly do not see i bright future for humanity, unfortunately the damages caused by banks, corporation and governments all over the world is so huge, so big, that there is no way back to "normality" --or at least to what we do call normality--

Governments in the world are miserably failing in the pursue of keeping a "corrupted-economical-system" like this one up&running.
I will briefly explain my concept.

China from Wikipedia: During the Seven Thousand Cadres Conference in early 1962, Liu Shaoqi, the second Chairman of the PRC, formally attributed the famine 30% to natural disasters and 70% to man-made errors. After the launch of Reforms and Opening Up, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officially stated in June 1981 that the famine was mainly due to the mistakes of the Great Leap Forward as well as the Anti-Rightist Campaign, in addition to some natural disasters and the Sino-Soviet split. In other words 30 million people died from "a bad organized government" .... How many people died form covid19 so far?? how many suicides for lack of money?? How many victims for human errors??? 30 million just in China.

Now it seems to me that at the moment, with all the problems we having, most of it are caused by "bureaucracy" -- i would say that almost "40%" of this global pandemic is due to "human error" -- doesn't matter if is a problem of organization, money, or corruption, the true is that we are dying because of climate change and extreme pollution...


no less no more, and we are dying for human errors, the irony of all of this is that these "mistakes" are repetitively and constantly used by every politicians in the entire fucking world to solve a problem which can only be solved in one way, stopping consumerism and globalization.
Why don't we stop consumerism and start using blockchain to produce real wealth for everybody and not just for a restricted circle of people.

We are creating Gods and Goddess in politics, which are humans as much as we are.. So?? they can make mistakes as much as we do, isn't it?

Maybe it would be the case to reconsider the entire system, because when the interest of a bank, an industry or a government "crash" in to an emergency, pandemic, war or what's so ever there are no good excuses to stretch the agony of the entire human race for the sake of a few.

But i might be wrong, maybe you have an instant solution to make this pandemic disappear and set to a zero level the public debt, but so far, i can only see plenty of organized-crime-association managing money all over the world, i see wars (almost 150 active wars in the world) i see a thriving market for sex-traffic, slavery, human traffic, etc etc. and i really don't think that these are good things... Am i wrong... I'm open to discussion... of course
There is no Divine intervention from above.. but only and always "injustice unfairness inequity iniquity"
Now in the 2008 a guy named Sakamoto invented the BTC and the blockchain to free human beings from money-addiction, and what we did??? We went to buy the BTC in banks!!!!

Dear friends... i think is the case to reconsider the entire "globalization-concept" that lead us to this point.... and unfortunately for the few "believers" if we reached a point of our lives so dark.... a point where people fighting for "CLEAN-AIR" and "CLEAN-WATER" has been killed by "banks, corporations and governments..." well.. i guess that we are terribly wrong about our "civilization"

have a nice day

here a few songs to reconsider our point of view


At the start of your post, I thought? Why are only Governments, Banks and Corporations at fault? But reading through your blog post, you showed you know that it is us all, the people, who give the powers to these Governments, Banks and Corporations. We, the people, are the ones that need to take their powers away. By voting the right politicians in elections (general and local), by not using Banks anymore, by not using services of large corporations anymore. This start at our own daily activities, like buying our groceries. We shall not go into a large supermarket anymore but instead go the little stores, the bakery, the butcher, the local small tiny supermarket. But many don't want to, they like the convenience of the large supermarket having everything under the same roofs. And as you say, we even managed to turn BTC into a money machine and is driving inequality a lot more than we experience in our fiat system.

We still need time, but I do think we will move to another system at one point in time. But we need more bad first for the tipping point to come insight.