ME Vs. SPORTS GAMBLING !!!: Trying To Weigh My Options


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There is a crazy wave sweeping across Africa and the world at large. It targets young men like me and feeds on our love for sports (in my own case; Football). It assures us all the hope of a better life. Whichever day I get my predictions right, I feel like I’m on top of the world because I just made some quick cash! But then, theobvious dark side remains to the thrill of sport betting. Anyone who can relate can testify to the demon in it which possesses gamblers and we cannot resist it.

The Global Companies that run these bet platforms seem to target the poorest and most vulnerable youths.Africa is the final market/frontier for these companies due to the large number of poor and desperate people who can easily get hooked on the hope of becoming instant millionaires. This is because of the many adverts funded by the bookkeepers which tell stories of how you can make thousands of dollars from a $5 ticket.

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Lately I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions. Do we the Sports fan, really understand the odds we are up against? Do I count as a betting addict? Is the government even doing anything to protect we the youths from these companies? And who exactly are the real winners?

Every month in Africa, youths are betting in multitudes of millions of dollars. Yeah of course we win, but ask around and you’ll find out that an average sport better in Nigeria has hardly ever won over $300 compared to the huge amount he must have invested in stakes bit by bit. I have a close buddy of mine who used the whole of his Tuition fees just to make a bet.
I felt I knew all about betting but it turns out I was wrong! I can go on with an endless list of bookkeepers operating in my country, let alone Africa. When I am in my good mood, I never miss a day’s visit to these bet shops and if I am lucky I win!

In a place like Nigeria and other African countries, finding a job even as a graduate seems like an impossible mission. lol! So the youths need an alternative to earn money on the streets and sports’ betting seems to be the way out for many. We see betting as a form of hope to earn money and change our lifestyles. Some guys have even turned it into their profession! Haahaaa!

About 12years ago, I remember I’d sneak out of secondary school to place bets at the shops. They knew quite well that I and my friends were underage citizens, but still we had access to every option available. You check out the odds pasted on the wall, pick your choice and head for the counter then place your bet.

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An extinct bet machine :)

These days, you only need a smartphone, and you can bet all you want even if you are a minor, at anytime and anywhere.

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I recently got to understand that the bookkeepers hit us all with a strategy well planned out. When you join almost any betting platform as a new user, you get a 100% bonus on your first input and even bet free for the first time! If you happen to take a break from betting for a while, they give you even more free bets just to entice you again. The more money you put in, the more bonuses they give you. They also know that when we win big amounts, we bet big amounts! Of course, this is not obvious to the users.

I then got to realize that at the end of it all, I have not won, but I have only been given a portion of the money I have lost to them on a daily basis. It’s a work in progress and I am currently working towards putting a stop to this habit of mine. It’s been quite difficult for me, but I know I definitely will stop as I continue to share my gradual progress with all hivers and bring you more outstanding facts to help those around us have a rethink of how they go about gambling.

I’ll take a pause here on this post. I’ll be discussing my findings to the other questions asked in this post on my very next post, so be on the lookout. Thanks for reading through guys! I appreciate the constant love and support I have received so far from this community. Cheers y’all.