Understanding Blockchain from scratch (My learning path)


Hello friends. This is not the type of post I'm used to writing, but I can't ignore anymore how many things I don't know about cryptocurrencies. And yes, I can make transactions, trade, stake, and mine crypto. I have a good understanding of wallets, blockchain basics, exchanges. Let's say I love geek stuff, and I've been in touch with cryptocurrencies for over a year.

However, I want to go deep. I want to understand all about blockchain because I believe that knowledge gives you freedom. It makes you free from people telling you where to invest or what to do. Free of so many nonsense and fake ideas about what blockchain is or isn't.

When I mean from scratch, I mean to the very beginning. In 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto published and mined the first block of the Bitcoin blockchain.

The main aspects I want to research are:

  1. Bitcoin mining process (I will be moving toward other cryptocurrencies)
  2. Proof of work, stake, brain (This is so interesting for me, and I've been ignoring it for so long)
  3. Programming languages for blockchain (I'm not intended to do a Ph.D. in programming)
  4. Smart contracts
  5. Defi
  6. More stuff that I don't even know that I don't know

If you're reading this and know more than me about the topic, please correct me in future posts. I will be addressing each aspect as I find the answers by myself and referencing every source.

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It's a long and never ending journey once you take your first steps into the blockchain world! Enjoy the feeling of building your knowledge and experience and don't be influenced by others, you will make your own mind up about what to invest in. Good luck!