Evening Run


I just finished a 8.374km running that lasted about 0hh:37mm:48ss !


Wasn't feeling really motivated today for a run, but to keep the 'run at least every other day' streak, I went anyways. At 27F (or -3 degrees Celsius), it was definitely nippy, but as I often say, I prefer it this way. I usually warm up quickly and get sweating soon after. For today, I didn't really think about the distance or pace beforehand, I just ran. In the end, a pace around 7:16 min/mile, that's pretty on-par with my latest runs.

I changed up the route a little bit with some streets I hadn't run in a while, or in opposite direction. But I also went back to my usual route to finish the run. Surprisingly, I didn't notice any wildlife, except maybe a dog that scared the shit out of me, but luckily he was behind a fence. I actually know he's there, but I keep forgetting, and in the silence of the night, when he suddenly starts barking like crazy, he always gets me.

That's 110km for November, let's see how many more I can add in the next 4 days. I also wanted to bike over the long week end, but I'm worried my full fingers cycling gloves are way to thin for the current weather. We'll see how it goes, and till then, keep Exhausting!

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